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Address info is crucial for us to get you your medal & tee, we are limited to only UK & Ireland customers


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Due to feedback the tee is an optional choice, 100% recycled, fully techninal sports (running) fabric, with a front & back print. Mens & Womens is the same striking design

Back in stock and ready to order mid 2021 hopefully after you complete your 700k (£11 extra)

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Scoliosis Logo


SAUK is the only UK wide patient support organisation for people with scoliosis and their families

Our aim is to provide advice, support, and information to people  affected by scoliosis and their families and raise awareness of scoliosis among health professionals and the general public.

We do this so that we can be there for people with scoliosis and those close to them, help to reduce feelings of isolation, poor body image, inadequate care, needless pain, worry, fear and lack of information.