Hunger Project 5K Muddy Run 21/9/18


Last name   First name   Registered   Team Name   Registration ID  
Hayde Alex Yes Katherine’s KungFu-Kangeroos (of Edison) QZ258684339365
Scribante Amanda Yes Baker McMudders RA258684377558
Blain Andrew Yes Mudley Crew YU258684022086
Nicolson Andrew Yes The Gneiss Guys DF258684148595
Mccaffrey Angus Yes Hannam NW258684192845
Majeed Azra Yes Foxtons RW258684346029
Wright Ben Yes Camarco Mud Runners NO258684348134
Walker Calvin Yes Baker McMudders WB258684377557
Oliver Charles Yes Team KLG 2 AC258684162306
Combe Charlie Yes Charlie’s Angels (of Edison) GX258684338734
Berschader Danny Yes Upside Potential LY258684392449
Rycroft Doug Yes The Gneiss Guys UQ258684148596
Rothwell Edward Yes Camarco Mud Runners WK258684196146
Cooper Emma Yes Team KLG 2 LC258684162307
Barnes Felicha Yes Charlie’s Angels (of Edison) UX258684338737
Thorne Fraser Yes Katherine’s KungFu-Kangeroos (of Edison) TF258684339363
Clegg Hamish Yes Hannam FG258684169010
Farmer Hannah Yes Emperor Assemble FL258684307262
Nicolas Hannah Yes ShoreCap AW258684370033
Amos Harry Yes Black Horse ZH258684152247
Tullis Irena Yes Black Horse ID258684152198
Brown James Yes Boudicca HR258684260463
Mcrae James Yes Mud Men DV258684331508
Fletcher James Yes Mudley Crew IX258684022150
Carmichael James Yes Scrambled Legs EA258684347940
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