Milano Marathon 2024

Maratona individuale

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Minimum 20 years old

You have selected a province whose capital is more than 75 km from Milan (as the crow flies) and therefore we consider "outside the area". We ask you to select the button below: it will allow us to send you, if necessary, useful information to improve your participation experience.



You can enroll immediately and finalize yor entry it from February 2024 by entering the federation membership detail and / or the medical certificate.

Our registration office will check the data and, if everything is in order, will validate the registration.

To continue, select "No" to the following question.

Conditions for "sport tourism" participation

Participation for "sport tourism" purpose, according to the rules of the Italian Athletics Federation, entails these limitations:

  • your bib will look different from the one of the other participants;
  • your result will not be included the rankings, but in an alphabetical list of finishers with time indication;
  • inability to receive prizes, bonuses, expense reimbursements, etc.;
  • payment of an additional fee of 10 euros for compulsory insurance.

In order to participate you must:

  • provide a medical certificate declaring your eligibility to take part in a non-competitive marathon, valid on the date of the marathon (find the form on page 11 and page 12 of this document);
  • pay an additional fee of 10 euros for compulsory insurance.


As per regulation, the starting sectors will be assigned according to the time stated by the athlete on the distance of the MARATHON or the HALF MARATHONClick here to read the abstract of the Regulation with the sectors allocation grid.

  • The time must have been obtained from January 1, 2022 onwards;
  • The time must have been obtained in a race with route certificated by FIDAL / WORLD ATHLETICS / AIMS;
  • If possible, the time indicated should be a net time, not an official time (from the gunshot).
  • it will be possible to change your qualifying time by 24 March 2024.

Attention: if you fall into our "fast runners" categories, you may be entitled to a discount on the entry fee. Check the promotional conditions in this document. Discounts can not be applied if the registration has already been processed!


An insurance for the cancellation of participation is available at the cost of only 10 Euros. The insurance allows the athlete to obtain a refund of the registration fee in case of inability to participate or in case of postponement / cancellation of the event due to force majeure or incompatibility with current regulations.

If the cancellation will be notified by February 7, 2024 the registration fee will be refunded at 100%, otherwise at 75%. Refunds will be performed within April 30, 2024. If it is not possible to make the refund on the same credit card used by the user to register, making it necessary to make a bank transfer, the refund time will be extended until September 30, 2024.

Note: you do not need to provide any proof of the justification of the impossibility to participate (eg medical certificate), but reimbursement must be requested through a specific form by the day before the race.

Reimbursement is not applicable to:

  • the cost of the insurance itself (10 Euros)
  • the cost of online registration service (3 Euros) and the transaction costs (variable depending on the chosen payment system)
  • the cost of other paid options


1. Authorization to process my details to receive promotional information by post, phone, email, sms, mms, statistical analysis, opinion polls by RCS Sports & Events and RCS Active Team.

2. Consent to the use of my navigation data to propose topics and services in line with my preferences and interests.

3. Authorization to process data to receive promotional information by post, telephone, email, sms, mms, statistical analysis, opinion polls from third parties.

4. Authorization for use free of charge, without time limits, also according to art. 10 and 320 cod. civ. and to articles 96 and 97 law 22.4.1941, n. 633 (Copyright Law), for the publication and / or dissemination in any form of my images and/or videos taken in the context of the Milano Marathon event and its collateral events, on the officiale website and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube), on printed paper and/or on any other means of dissemination, as well as authorization for the preservation of photos and videos in the electronic archives of the S.S.D. RCS Active Team a r.l., for information and promotional purposes. The authorization does not allow the use of images in contexts that compromise the personal dignity of the undersigned and, in any case, for uses and/or purposes other than those indicated above.

5. Authorization, pursuant to art. 20 GDPR (data portability), to transmit my personal data to the independent data controller ASICS Europe B.V. in order to obtain from this a personalized video of my participation in the race, in accordance with its terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Your image data will be processed and stored according to general Privacy Terms of ASICS Europe B.V., and solely used for the purpose of the video. Should you wish to delete the data or the video resulted, you can do so after viewing the video. The videos are private to you and hosted under a unique, unidentifiable link on the ASICS Marathon Hub, and you can choose to share them with your friends and loved ones or keep them private altogether.


Select the size for the Finisher's Tee, which will be delivered to you after crossing the finish line of the marathon.


We're giving you the opportunity to register for the Pavia-Milano of March 2, 2024 for only 10 euros. The offer is reserved for the first 500 runners who request it.


To correctly choose the access gate to the departure area, please read this document.

Please remember that the gate has nothing to do with the starting sector (the "corral")


By concluding the registration process, you declare that you are aware of the fact that you will not be entitled to any refund in case of inability to participate or in case of postponement / cancellation of the event due to force majeure or incompatibility with current regulations.

The registration made is not postponable or transferable to another person.