Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2023

Valentia Hospital

The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle, Saturday July 1st 2023 supporting 

Valentia Hospital

Valentia Hospital has been providing various levels of care to the people of Valentia Island and surrounding areas since 1871. There has been no break in the service we provide in 152 years. We recently completed a large extension to our existing building which comprised of 22 bedrooms, all in compliance with the most up to date HIQA standards. We need to install a generator capable of providing power to our now larger building and complete ancillary works. We also need to begin refurbishment of the older section of the building which we hope to complete in the autumn of 2023.

Thank you for choosing Valentia Hospital as your designated Charity for the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2023. If you have any queries or need any support in your fundraising, please email secretary@vchwa.com. We are very grateful for your support.

iDonate, our online fundraising partner, will help you set up an online fundraising page to raise much needed funds for Valentia Hospital

The ROKCC operates a strict NO REFUND policy.​ Please cycle safely.

You must be at least 18 years of age on 1st July 2023 to participate in the cycle.

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In the interest of health and safety we are requesting all entrants to select their preferred wave start time.

ROKCC Cyclist Statement 

I accept that  I participate in this event solely at my own risk and that I am aware of the inherent dangers in cycling generally. I also accept that the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle expects all participants to arrange their  own personal accident insurance coverage and understand that the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle CLG does not provide such cover for participating cyclists.

You can make a voluntary donation to Valentia Hospital by entering an amount below. Please note a 3.5% processing fee will apply  at checkout. Minimum donation is €5.00 (five euros). Thank you for your support.

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