Worcester City Run 22

Young Athletes Run U15 - 3km
Maximum 15 years old
Minimum 11 years old

Emergency Contact Information

Do you have any medical conditions which the organisers should be aware of?

It is important that you notify us if you have a medical condition or allergy, in the event that you require treatment during the event.

Important Information for wheelchair entrants

No separate self-propelled wheelchair race will be staged, and hand cycles will NOT be allowed. If you are competing as an assisted wheelchair entrant, (competing in a regular wheelchair, NO hand cycles allowed), your assistant/pusher must be a successful entrant into the event also. Please note: for safety reasons assisted wheelchair participants will be allocated a race number at the rear of the field. Self-propelled wheelchair entrants may be allowed to start ahead of the main field - we will contact you following acceptance of your registration.


We will include a GUIDE RUNNER bib number in your race pack. If your guide runner would like to receive a medal, t-shirt, goodybag and finish time please note they must also register for the event individually. If your guide is also registered to take part please ask them to wear their individual race number on their front, and their GUIDE RUNNER number on their back. 

If they are not an individual entrant please ask them to wear the GUIDE RUNNER number on their front. 

Do you have a story that would be of interest to local media? If so, please enter the details which may be used to help promote the event?

Please ensure your parent/guardian has read and agrees to the following; As the parent of the child named within this registration I have ready and fully accept the Terms & Conditions of entry ad give my full consent for my child to participate in this event.

Please tick the box below to confirm Parental/Guardian consent.

Email Communication: DS Media & Events Ltd (Events of the North) uses email to communicate with its competitors. By entering this event, you agree to receive emails regarding this specific event.

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Charity Partner 

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity exists to support the staff, patients and services of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. 

Donations support the following key areas:

  • Improving facilities for patients, staff and visitors
  • Supporting ongoing staff development and welfare
  • Funding additional medical equipment
  • Supporting vital health research

Read more about our charity partner here. Registered in England and Wales No. 1054612.

Would you like to receive a fundraising pack from our official charity partner, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity? 

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Would you like to make a donation to our offical charity partner Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity?

If so please input the amount you would like to donate in the box below.

Note: neither Njuko or EOTN make a profit from your donation however a small bank processing fee is charged and will be taken before transferring your donation to our charity partner. Thank you for your kind donation which will help to make a difference.

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Donation Gift Aid:

Yes, I would like Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity to claim Gift Aid on my donation. If you would like to donate please let us know if you would like your donation to be gift aided. If you pay tax in the UK, then Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of your gift to Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity. Making your donation using Gift Aid will enable Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity to reclaim the basic rate tax on your gift. This means that if you donate £10 using Gift Aid in a tax year, that gift is worth £12.50 to Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity. If you do not pay tax, you should not use Gift Aid.