YOTTA XP (2024)



Minimum 18 years old

Dans le cadre de la loi Sport du 2 mars 2022, la Fédération Française de Triathlon, sur avis favorable de sa Commission Nationale Médicale rendu le 09 février 2023, a décidé de supprimer la présentation d'un certificat médical d'absence de contre-indication à la pratique sportive et le remplacer par ce formulaire.


In the course of the past 12 months, have you felt/experienced:

  • Chest pain after exertion?
  • Palpitations (unusual perception of heartbeat - irregular and/or rapid - of short or more or less extended duration)?
  • Discomfort during exercise?
  • Sudden loss of consciousness, either at rest or while exercising?
  • Unusual shortness of breath on exertion?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, it is imperative and URGENT that you consult a doctor before pursuing training or/and competing

For more information on cardiovascular risk and sporting activities, please refer to the following content : Appendix


  • Has a member of your family (parent, sibling, child) suddenly passed away from a heart-related or other unexplained cause?
  • Has a member of your family (parent, brother, sister) suffered from heart disease before the age of 35?
  • Did you engage in intensive physical activity without undergoing a medical check-up after the age of 45 (woman) 35 (man) to assess your cardiovascular risk?
  • You have at least two of these cardiovascular risk factors, namely:
    • You are over 50 years old,
    • Active or weaned smocking for less than 3 years,
    • Diabetes of any type,
    • Cholesterol abnormality,
    • Hypertension;
  • Are you being monitored for a chronic disease?​​
  • Are you still competing and/or engaging in intensive physical activity after the age of 60?
  • Have you experienced an unexplained decrease in your performances over the past twelve months?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, it is essential that you seek medical advice or even undergo a medical check-up before continuing to practice triathlon and its associated disciplines, with or without competition.


If :

  • You have never had an electrocardiogram in your life,
  • In the last 12 months, you have stopped sport for more than 30 days for health reasons,
  • You think you may have a food problem, or if someone has ever commented on it,
  • You are a woman and have not had your period for over 3 months,
  • You have had a head injury or concussion,
  • You simply think you need medical clearance to continue practicing your sport.

​Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor to discuss these points, and even carry out a check-up, before continuing to intensify your practice.

For more information on the different medical risks associated with your sporting activities, please consult the following content : Appendix.


The French Triathlon Federation provides its members and competitors with information/recommendations on the following subjects (see appendix and/or web link):

Finally, because three simple gestures - cardiac massage / call / using a defibrillator - can save lives, including in sport, the French Triathlon Federation encourages you to train in lifesaving gestures: "every minute saved is 10% more chance of survival".

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